22nd Annual Benefit Dinner

Eagle Creek Recovery Center has been changing men’s lives for over 22 years.  Each year a fund raiser dinner is held to benefit the efforts of Eagle Creek and its programs. 

We are a faith-based, three month, residential facility for men and are staffed with licensed professionals with decades of experience in the recovery world. Our program works in collaboration with Caddo and Bossier Parish DA , probation, and parole offices seeing great results. 

Eagle Creek Recovery Center depends on the faithfullness of our supporters to continue our effort to release men from a life of addiction.


September 12, 2017



Shreveport Community Church Auditorium

5720 Buncombe Rd

Shreveport, LA 71129

Special Internationally Known Guest Speaker

Dr Joe Rosa

Joe Rosa was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in New York City, and was raised by a single working mother. As a young teenager, he was involved in gangs and eventually got involved in drugs and became a heroin addict.  As an addict, he encountered all the pitfalls and all the dead ends of a drug addicted life.

 In 1968 someone spoke to him about Jesus and how his life could change dramatically by giving God a chance in his life.  Having no better opportunity at that time he chose to give God a chance that would result in the change he was looking for.

While in an addiction treatment program he met Ada, who has now been his wife for the past 45 years.  They have two children, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.

Both Ada and Joe went through the Teen Challenge program and are presently full time itinerant preachers who literally travel the world sharing what giving Jesus an opportunity in your life can produce.  They live in Dallas, Texas

Previous Years

This Event has been an outpouring of support from our community.

Be sure and join the fun, the fellowship and your support of this wonderful cause.