2018 Benefit Dinner Was A Huge Success

Thanks To All of You Who Made It Such A Great Success

What Your Donations Support At Eagle Creek


Eagle Creek Recovery Housing


Eagle Creek Recovery is a full service, live-in facility.  The idea is to detach the resident from the outside environment that supported the addictive behavior.  Housing is shared rooms in a dormitory atmosphere.

Eagle Creek Recovery Included Meals

Quality Meals

As a live-in resident, all meals are furnished 3 times a day.  Many of our residents arrive malnourished after living a live of addiction and sometimes giving up food for the addiction.  Full quality meals are a part of our program.

Transportation to All Functions

As a group treatment facility, all participants are expected to attend classes, church services and community service events.  Occasionally medical attention or personal appointments may be necessary.  The budget of each participant includes the transportation both as a group and in some cases individually.

Eagle Creek Recovery Study Material

Study Material

There are several classes dealing with life and moving back into society as a productive part of the world.  Some of the classes are subscriptions based, others require study material and/or printed items.  The provision of these materials are a part of the process.

Clothing in Some Cases

In a few cases attendees arrive with literally the clothes on their back.  At this time Eagle Creek does whatever is necessary to benefit those putting forth the effort to change their lives. Both funds and donations of items are used to provide the most basic of needs for those attending and lift their sense of self pride.

Conservative Staff Needs

Eagle Creek operates with a minimal staff that is supported by the center itself.  This is a budget issue obviously.  Most of the management staff is funded through Shreveport Community Church and volunteers.  Oversight staff and internal support are usually volunteers that have previously gone through the program, providing the best environment for those moving away from addictions.

Become One of Our Out Faithful Supporters

Eagle Creek Administration

We take the responsibility of managing your donations seriously.  The location operates with minimal management salaries and staff to service the needs of our clients.  We are also blessed with many community leaders that volunteer to assist from time to time. With a vigilant focus on assisting and providing for our those that go through the program, you are assured that your contribution are used as intended to assist the clients in living an addiction free life.  

 Quinton Light

Quinton Light


Quinton Light – Program Director

Quinton Light is a U.S. Army veteran where he served for seven years.  He ended up spending time in prison but was divinely delivered from a 19-year drug addiction with no withdrawals.  Since then, Quinton has been involved in prison ministry, Biblical counseling and drug counseling.  He has been married to his amazing wife, Jan, for 11 years.  Quinton was invited to join the staff of Eagle Creek Recovery Center in April of 2016.  His years of personal experience with addiction and recovery are a tremendous asset to the Center.  He went from selfish to selfless because of his encounter with the deliverer – Jesus! 

 Dr Bruce Ewing

Dr Bruce Ewing


Reverend Dr. Bruce Ewing – Counseling Director

A retired Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel with 28 years of military service and a collective Pastoral service of 44 years. He is an Associate Pastor at Shreveport Community Church and serves as Marriage and Family Relationship Consultant.  Reverend Ewing is a member of The Assemblies Of God fellowship of believers.

Dr. Ewing and his wife, Valerie, have two daughters–Brecia Patrice and Vernae Jarita.  The entire family is committed to serving the Body of Christ

Susan Smith

Susan Smith

Susan Smith – Office Manager / Events Coordinator

Susan has been involved with Eagle Creek Recovery Center in some capacity since its beginning.  She began by working with the children of the support group members, then became an administrative assistant to the Founder, next she was moved to Office Manager (which includes processing payments, scholarships etc.), and she is currently Office Manager and Events Coordinator for Eagle Creek Recovery Center.  She has also been on staff at Shreveport Community Church for over 30 years.  Susan has been a part of many areas of ministry within Shreveport Community Church, some of which include Early Childhood Ministry Director, Director of the Children’s cast for Songs of the Season – a large production that brings Christmas to our city, Winner’s Circle Summer Camp – an outreach to the disadvantaged children of our city, and she has assisted with various events and outreaches.  In her spare time Susan loves teaching elementary spirit groups at Evangel Christian Academy.


Your donations can change the life of a man that would have no way out of an addictive life.




Attend the Benefit Banquet

At the banquet you will learn more about the history of Eagle Creek.  You will be able to meet and see actual success stories of some who have attended and changed their life.  Plus you will recieve a fabulous meal as you learn more about what it means to be a part of helping others grow.  Your meal ticket contributes and your added donations all go to the support of Eagle Creek and what it does to change lives.


Monetary Donations

Your monetary donations go directly to the operation costs of the center.  Upon arrival at the center, all residents are housed, fed, transported, taught in a comfortable housing facility.  Eagle Creek Recovery Center faces all the usual operating expenses of a facility of this type including utilities, food, bedding, maintenance and transportation costs.  The average expense of a single resident to go through the recovery course is in excess of $6,000.


Support our Golf Tournament

As with all Eagle Creek Events, all proceeds go directly to supporting the operation of Eagle Creek.  Opportunities to help are numberous at the Eagle Creek Classic

  • Sponsor a Hole
  • Sign up to Play
  • Donate Refreshments for the players
  • Sponsor a prize
  • And much more.  

Call us or go to the Golf Classic page to join the fun.



Got a vehicle that you would be willing to donate?  One of the processes of leading men back into a productive life is to get them back into a active society. Clients take part in several public service activities during the week.   Residents also attend an inspirational service every morning, on Tuesday night and on Sundays.  Transport size vehicles are a necessity, but any vehicle that might be marketed for support funds would be equally of value to the center.